Spring is a time for renewal and fresh beginnings, and we’ve very much taken that to heart by redecorating the areas seen by our visitors before they step into the weaving shed, as well as by adding to our complement of looms to expand capacity.

This week sees a notable milestone and relaunch for one of our old customers. The Henry Moore Foundation is celebrating its 40th anniversary with the re-opening of his studios and gardens in Perry Green, Hertfordshire. The foundation holds an extensive archive collection of photographs, publications and records of historic exhibitions, acting as a centre point for research, development and celebration of sculpture.

Our connection to the foundation dates back to the 1950s, when they approached Gainsborough with an historic curtaining fabric designed by Henry Moore himself; we were commissioned to produce a direct replica to replace the original which by then was stored in their archive to prevent further damage.

At Gainsborough, contemporary design has always walked in lockstep with historical restoration, and we are pleased this week to recall our old association with, and pay homage to, this iconic British artist’s work and practices. If you have a piece of history you would like to take forward into a new beginning this Easter, get in touch via our website www.gainsborough.co.uk.