Gainsborough has always operated as a weaving mill producing historical reproduction fabrics as well as contemporary designs.  Recreating historical fabrics is part of our specialised skillset, but it can be rather tricky to get right.  If we have a fragment of the original fabric, we can begin by dissecting the sample to discover what the warp and weft yarns are, and the original set (picks and ends).  By matching the original quality as closely as possible to one of our loom setups, we ensure that the fabric is going to feel similar to the original.  We then have to work out the weave structures and design.  Often this entails tracing the original fabric design before taking it through the design process, from image to card.

As you can imagine, sometimes the fabrics sent through are almost completely disintegrated and we have to piece the design back together based on what we know about the original fabric, time period and application.  We get all sorts of exciting projects, from an upholsterer finding a hidden fabric under layers of previous upholstery fabric, to the walling in a Castle.  One thing is for certain, there is never a dull day at Gainsborough!

If you have a historical fabric you would like to recreate, please do not hesitate to give us a call today on +44 (0)7817 372 081 or visit our website at