The Archive

Our archive is a largely untapped source of over 500 years of design history and craftsmanship, where your imagination is the only limitation.

Initially formed from Reginald Warner’s personal collection of European samples and fabric tomes acquired from the Ipswich Weaving Co., successive generations of weavers and designers have built on those foundations with contemporary collections and bespoke commissions that speak of the eras in which they were conceived.

The result is an archive of over 7,000 designs that spans the warp of weaving history and the weft of creative expression, from the very traditional to the thoroughly avant-garde. Clients looking for something extra special will find it here.

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Our extraordinary archive of designs has expanded greatly over the years, largely without adequate cataloguing. Lynette – who has great experience in this field with Cambridge University and her external textile based pursuits – is steadily putting that right.