The Weave Shed

The Weave Shed is the beating heart of the Mill. This is where design and dyed yarns are brought together on well-used machinery by expert hands to craft the finest furnishing fabrics.


Viv oversees the cone winding machine, which winds the weft for all electronic loom weaving.


Mo has been winding weft yarns for three decades and there’s nothing she doesn’t know about putting yarns onto pirns for our Hattersley looms.


Sophia is a relatively recent addition to the Gainsborough team and is in the process of learning the ropes, starting with the yarn-winding machines.

Winder & Weaver

Debby winds yarn onto bobbins for warping, requiring precision timing to ensure the right amount of yarn is wound onto each. When Debby isn’t winding, she can usually be found weaving one of our 1930s Hattersley looms.


Denise is responsible for preparing our warps for the loom, whether jaspe, stripe or plain in silk, cotton, wool and the occasional linen

Weaver & Winder

Tracy is often found on any of the Hattersley looms, weaving our punch card archive designs, or winding bobbins ready for warping.

Warper, Winder & Weaver

With the retirement of our former Head of Maintenance, Sue has become our longest-standing member of staff. In almost 40 years, Sue has pretty much seen it all and is one of the rocks on which our Weaving Shed is built. When not crafting impeccable warps, Sue can be found weaving our oldest and most demanding  Hattersley looms – the Pressure Harness.


Paul knows our electronic looms back to front and is the embodiment of patience when the design team get to trialling.


Richie is another joiner from within the industry; he’s brought his experience to bear on our fast digital Dornier looms.

Foreman, Knotter, Weaver

As foreman, Colin bears overall responsibility for ensuring production in the Weave Shed flows smoothly, though much of his time day-to-day is taken up knotting in and pulling through new warps between jobs.

Knotter & Weaver

When Lee is not knotting in warps, he is diligently operating any one of the looms on the factory floor


Wendy can most often be found on one of our 1930s punch card jacquard looms, weaving our justifiably time consuming cloth.

Sample Maker

Every sample request passes through Jane’s meticulous hands, whether a cutting or a returnable sample; the sample room is the most organised place in Sudbury.

Despatch Manager

Every fabric that is woven has to pass Paul’s inspection before being rolled, wrapped and sent out to customers around the globe.