‘A blade of grass is as enchanting as a tree or mountain.’
– Joan Miró
Naïve, tender, playful; Miró is sure to charm in this retrospective of his painting, ceramic, drawing and sculpture. Walking through the space and discovering the thoughtful artist behind the dream-like works, you cannot but break a smile. Journeying through Miró’s artistic periods, following how his personal life and surroundings affected his viewpoint, it is easy to see a highly sensitive man who painted as ‘a physical need, like breathing, eating, drinking and sleeping.’

His paintings and works are shown here in all their colourful and abstract glory. Miró was deeply attached to his childhood stomping grounds and his painting reflects this – he spends summers in Mont-Roig, Catalonia, where he grew up, painting nature and creatures, giving care and attention to each object. The Farm is the masterpiece and culmination of his wonderful ‘detailist’ period – the serenity and strength that he founded in Mont-Roig and his family farm, led to him creating his own magical dreamscapes by reducing individual objects to geometric forms and using metaphorical symbolism. Miró transformed his practice to a less descriptive, more dreamlike and poetic, pictorial language, open to interpretation and wonder.

His story takes form through hybrid beings, birds, women, stars, flowers and words in imaginary landscapes, and it is impossible not to be romanced and immersed in his creations. Through the shapes of his Constellations series and phantasmagorical paintings, this beautifully curated exhibition opens the doors to the artist’s inner world beyond the instantly-recognisable Miro signature style.

Miró, Grand Palais, 3 October 2018 – 4 February 2019