Missoni: Colour, Placement and Composition

This year The Fashion and Textile Museum hosted a spectacular prism of colour in pattern, and for those of you who missed it, here is our take on the one and only… Missoni.

Celebrating 60 years of fashion, the Italian fashion house came together with leading 20th century European artists, showcasing unseen work and experiments by Ottavio Missoni.

For us, who love all things Design, Missoni is an iconic institution, fusing fashion, design, and art with a wonderful attitude to colour:

‘who said there are only 7 colours – there are tones as well!’

Missoni’s success is owned in part to their ideaology; that all practices of design should be utilized and drawn together through colour and movement in combination with the inherent beauty of cloth.  To Missoni colour is art, and indeed his colour combinations are taken from original modernist artworks painted by himself.  He compares colour to music explaining:

‘there are basic rules, but countless melodies within – the only challenge is getting the composition correct.’  

A driving force behind the flame-stitch, Missoni often uses a dark or black back-ground on which to create fantastical colour and pattern collage.  With our own archive of flame-stitch designs, we can only be grateful for the impact Missoni continues to have on the design world.

With its modernist angular stripes and striking colour combinations, Missoni sits comfortably among other pioneering artists from the last century.