A company is nothing without its clients and we are most fortunate at Gainsborough to work with people who are both at the top of their game and genuinely lovely! Our clients are drawn from a variety of fields and reflect the varied ways in which our fabrics are employed…

We work with upholsterers, seamstresses and walling specialists who use our fabrics for chairs, curtains, walling and a whole host of other interior-specific purposes. A particularly interesting client in this sector is Pilgrim Payne, who are specialists in soft furnishing care and deal with everything from cleaning and repair to replacement.  As fellow Royal Warrant Holders, Pilgrim Payne pride themselves on being the best of the best in their field and through them, our fabric has been installed in Palaces, City Livery Halls and City Institutions.

Interior designers make up a large proportion of our clientele and utilise Gainsborough for both our archive fabrics and bespoke design service.  Kathryn Pout works with a select number of domestic clients, usually on period houses, where the fundamental concern is historical accuracy and ensuring that the new decoration and furnishing are in keeping with the original. Another established interior design company is Alidad, who work on a huge variety of projects, mainly within the domestic sphere. Studio Alidad handles more modern and fresh design directions, with Alidad focused on more traditional interiors; Gainsborough supplies fabrics to both sides of their business.

Doornebal is a relatively new client to Gainsborough. Based in the Netherlands, Doornebal is an interior design practice with an appreciation for historical design and processes.  Our latest project for them was the recreation of a tapestry used for walling and curtaining in a castle.  The fabric we produced, as with much of our restorative work, was installed next to the existing original fabric.

Another company specialising in historical restoration and conservation, this time in the USA, is  Belfry Historic; again, the focus for them is very much on sourcing materials appropriate to the original, both in design and manufacture, and Gainsborough has been involved in many of their recent projects.  One recent commission was based on a fabric delivered to us in a very delicate condition, which had to be pieced back together to recreate a fabric as close as possible to the original.

For more information please get in touch:

Pilgrim Payne –

(W) www.pilgrimpayne.co.uk  (E) Graham@pilgrimpayne.co.uk  (T) +44 (0) 208 453 5350

Alidad –

(W) www.alidad.com  (E) info@alidad.com  (T) +44 (0) 207 384 0121

Doornebal –

(W) www.doornebal.nl  (E) info@doornebal.nl   (T) +31 (0) 344 602914

Belfry Historic –

(W) www.belfryhistoric.com  (E) info@belfryhistoric.com  (T) +18 (0) 452 754235

Gorgeous damask woven for Pilgrim Payne

Rich cloth woven for Kathryn Pout on our 1930s Hattersley looms

Wool Bologna woven for Alidad in bright red

Recent restoration project for a Castle in the Netherlands by Doornebal

Reconstructed historical fabric woven and designed for Belfry Historic