For Decorex 2017, Gainsborough and Silent Pool partnered over our mutual appreciation for the importance of UK craftsmanship.  The film produced to celebrate our collaboration features the Silent Pool design, designed by Laura Barrett, woven as a cloth on our looms in Suffolk.

Suffice to say, it was an absolute pleasure to work with Silent Pool both at the Mill and at the show, where the Gainsborough Cocktail (featuring mulberry cordial and silk gel) was available to sample (it is still available to those who arrange a visit to the Silent Pool Distillery). This project which was creatively directed by Squint Studio, is part of a larger series of collaborations between Silent Pool and established British design brands as one of their Intricately Realised series, and the silk was used to create a bespoke pop up portable bar.

Featured Image: Bar trunk created by Squint for Silent Pool


As with all folk lore, different versions of the Silent Pool tale exist. The most common variant has King John surprising a woodcutter’s daughter whilst bathing; frightened, she fled to the depths, where she drowned and where her restless spirit haunts the dead stillness of the waters.