Carolyn and Abigail are a Mother-Daughter team that runs an award-winning Interior Design practice in the heart of the Howardian Hills in North Yorkshire. It’s a hugely successful company that has been running for over 25 years, creating some of the most beautiful interiors throughout England, Europe and beyond.

After an invitation to the Gainsborough mill in Sudbury, Suffolk, Carolyn and Abigail were amazed to learn that Gainsborough could create a bespoke fabric on a minimum order of just 20 metres, and that everything is done exclusively on one site, from design, to dyeing the yarns, to weaving the fabrics.

Abigail, who is a young mother to two small children herself, was finding it increasingly difficult to source beautiful fabrics for her Clients that were starting families and for Grandparents wanting something really special for their nursery at home. And so an idea began to form…

Carolyn and Abigail spent hours searching through thousands of archives, with fabrics that date back to the early 1900’s, where they found their inspiration for their new nursery collection!

As they flicked through the endless leather-bound books they found beautiful designs of crowns, teddy bears, rabbits and flower baskets and soon the designs began to take shape.

After hilarious meetings around the design table with Dominique Caplan (Design Manager) and Emerson Roberts (MD) we soon realised that this collection had a sense of humour and a sweet but cheeky rabbit started to make an appearance.

We imagined what was going to happen to this little chap on the run and wondered whether the Bunny gets it… is he going to meet a sticky end, or does the bunny just have real style?

And so was born the collection “The Bunny Gets It”… we will leave you to decide if he makes his great escape.

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