Your story

Your story

Beyond Gainsborough’s current collections, there are countless options open to clients, from fabrics drawn from our rich archive to bespoke commissions and historical recreations.



“Couture to interiors”

From walling and curtaining to couture garments, if a client wants something unique or with specific requirements, we work with them and their designers to bring their visions to life, ensuring that the design is transformed into a woven fabric as effectively as possible and with all due consideration to end use.

We are unlike most mills in our approach to bespoke work, working to your brief rather than making it fit to a fabric type. Every fabric is created entirely to specification and we love nothing more than a technical and creative challenge.

Our team can be as hands-on as you require, from initial idea generation to completion, or as a sounding board for clients’ ambitions. Orders start at just 20 metres.



A variation on a bespoke project, customisation involves the editing of existing designs.

With an archive of more than 7,000 fabrics, we have a vast library from which to choose. Spanning over 500 years of design, it offers historical accuracy and inspiration, and we invite our clients to browse Gainsborough’s archive and reweave or adjust as they wish. Scale, quality and colour are among the elements that are up for review and, with our minimum order set at only 20 metres, this is a designer’s playground.



Gainsborough’s early renown was founded in large part on the weaving of historical designs and we still take great pride in helping our clients weave fabrics of historical and sentimental significance. With two Dobby and 13 punch-card-operated Jacquard looms at our disposal, we have the ability not only to recreate a historical fabric, but also to weave them in the traditional way.

Our designers are unforgivably exacting in their attention to detail and we understand how important it is for a recreation to be as close as possible to the original. Recreating fabrics brings us great joy, as it is through us that designs are not lost, but rewoven and recommissioned as originally intended.