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Sudbury Edit

Newly Launched

Founded in 1903, Gainsborough is one of the UK’s last remaining weaving houses and the custodian of an impressive archive of over 7000 fabrics. Taking its name from the location of the Mill, The Sudbury Edit features four classic designs from the archive, masterfully reimagined for contemporary interiors. By breathing new life into historic fabrics of Italian, German, Persian and Chinese-inspired origin, the collection honours the beauty of the past whilst giving the fabrics a modern twist to suit 21st century tastes.

The soft colourways, including neutral tones, ensure the fabrics remain timeless and offer versatility to complement both contemporary and traditional interiors. Elegantly pared-back, the muted floral, damask and chinoiserie patterns are perfect for creating a subtle point of interest in any room. The Sudbury Edit designs are traditionally crafted using cotton for a durable, matt finish, offering a stylish and practical alternative to fabrics traditionally woven in silk.

A world of Imaginative opportunities


Spanning signature designs, perfect corresponding geometrics and one-off wonders. With one main collection and at least one capsule carefully curated and launched every year, our offering of supported collections – kept in stock in all colourways – is growing constantly.

Your idea, our knowledge

“Couture to interiors”: Our team can be as hands-on as you require, from initial idea generation to completion, or as a sounding board for clients’ ambitions. Orders start at just 20 metres.

Our design, your version

Customised and special orders of our archive documents and in-house collections are a simple way of reworking an existing design to make it your own.

Historical design, recommissioned

Gainsborough was established in part as a mill specialising in historical designs and, every year, we continue this tradition with a number of fabric recreations.

We have a proud and rich history of perfecting bespoke luxury fabrics for such eminent names as Liberty’s, William Morris & Co and the British Royal Family.

Explore our fabrics

Delve into our library of exquisitely crafted fabrics. Each one has been designed, dyed, warped and woven with care and integrity to produce some of the world’s finest interior furnishing fabrics.

Looking to create a bespoke piece?

Beyond Gainsborough’s current collections, there are countless options open to clients, from fabrics drawn from our rich archive to bespoke commissions and historical recreations.