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Recreate: Historical design, recommissioned

Gainsborough’s early renown was founded in large part on the weaving of historical designs and we still take great pride in helping our clients weave fabrics of historical and sentimental significance.

Exacting Attention to detail

With two Dobby and 13 punch-card-operated Jacquard looms at our disposal, we have the ability not only to recreate a historical fabric, but also to weave them in the traditional way.

Our designers are unforgivably exacting in their attention to detail and we understand how important it is for a recreation to be as close as possible to the original. Recreating fabrics brings us great joy, as it is through us that designs are not lost, but rewoven and recommissioned as originally intended.

Ready to get started?

We are here to support you through this exciting process. Contact our sales team to recreate, preserve and restore a fabric history.