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Christopher Kane: A Tale as old as Time meets 2017

April 2017  |  General

Fashion is often closely associated with the word ‘fast’; but this is not always the case, especially on closer inspection of the two latest, very special, collections by fashion designer Christopher Kane.

The first of these was admired by all fashionistas on the London Catwalk in February, as models showcased Autumn/Winter 2017 with serious strutting intent! Although undeniably and unashamedly cutting edge, Christopher’s latest collection held depth and meaning, at least to us at Gainsborough, not least because our much loved archive design – The Chatsworth – was featured in pride of place as the woven fabric used for many of the garments.

The more recent launch, and the talk of the town, is the capsule Beauty and the Beast collection for Disney that Christopher has launched to coincide with their latest blockbuster. The Adam – a stunning silk cloth that has graced ballrooms, was woven on our 14,400-thread, 1930s Hattersley Pressure Jacquard loom and is featured as a jacket, bag and matching shoes no less.

The value of both these designs comes not only from the quality and the craftsmanship involved in making the fabric, but their substance; both of the fabrics we supplied to Christopher Kane have a history and stories to tell. In the same way that the origins of Beauty and the Beast predate Disney, fabrics from the Gainsborough archive already have a story of their own, part of our history, but develop a story anew wherever they are next employed… in this case, a glamourous tale of princesses and passion ever-lasting!

The Disney Beauty and the Beast collection and Autumn/Winter 2017 are available to view on the Christopher Kane website: