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House Medici

January 2018  |  General

From left corner clockwise – 3541 / 11330, 3541 / 11324, 3541 / 11328, 3542 / 11337, 3542 / 11329, 3541 / 11326, 3542 / 11335, 3541 / 11332, 3542 / 11325

The Medici design has been a Gainsborough mainstay for almost a century, with each generation discovering anew its rich colouring and weave structure.

The original colourways continue to delight customers in search of a traditional Damask that works flexibly in interior schemes, and The Renaissance Collection features the Medici in four new colourways, but this stalwart of the Mill warranted a reinvention in its own right.

The House Medici Collection brings together 10 all-new colourways that straddle the traditional and contemporary. Linen has been employed for the first time, to lend this quintessential Gainsborough design a contemporary handle and weight, and the weft yarns – dominated by golden hues in earlier versions – are now neutral or silver in tone. Most importantly, an Ottoman weave – presented also as a coordinating Plain in each colourway – has been incorporated into the background, bringing new depth and subtlety to this beloved design.

House Medici: 3542 / 11337 photographed on one of our dye vats

All photography – Douglas Atfield