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Makers’ Tales Spotlight on Philippa Brock

March 2018  |  General

The inspired work of master weaver, researcher and textile artist, Philippa Brock, is currently being exhibited as part of the Makers’ Tales series held at the Guy Goodfellow showroom in Chelsea, until April 25th 2018.

Phillipa Brock is a leading woven textile specialist and innovator in both hand-operated and computerised jacquard weaving. Her display showcases a collection of cutting edge designs woven at the Gainsborough mill in Suffolk. Philippa’s collection, entitled “Self Fold, X-Form and  her new 1580: Space and Volume in the Third Dimension” is informed by endless repetition, origami, medieval ruff sizes, deployable and psychedelic honeycomb constructions

The collection incorporates a combination of both high- and low-tech materials ranging from pliable metals, conductive and fluorescent yarn to delicate paper, fine linen and silks. Her exquisite experimentation with these materials, partnered with innovative weaving techniques, have spearheaded the creation of her textile pieces which are self-shaping and movable when taken off the loom. Philippa’s woven art pieces affect natural forms and feature cut fringes, and geometric and organic shapes.

Philippa will be in residence in the showroom on March 21st for Meet the Maker event.

Philippa Brock Bio

Editor of The Weave Shed

Woven Textiles Pathway Leader, Central Saint Martins College, researcher TFRC

Co-founder of Studio Houndstooth