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The Britannia collection by Zandra Rhodes for Gainsborough

February 2022  |  General


Featuring two exuberant fabrics, O-Gee Whizz and Fabulous Frills, ‘The Britannia Collection’ by Dame Zandra Rhodes for Gainsborough, is woven using traditional weaving practices, on heritage looms at Gainsborough’s historic mill in Suffolk. Both designs incorporate Zandra’s signature style of free-flowing patterns and prints, as well as her use of bold, captivating colours.

Having presented a series of initial hand painted designs, developed especially for Gainsborough, Zandra worked in close partnership with the team, delving into Gainsborough’s glorious design archive and exploring intricate production processes, eventually arriving at the perfect sympatico designs for the collection.

As a result, the collection captures both the craft and finery of British textile design, as well a contemporary decorative style perfectly suited to today’s interiors. View the look book.
The collection is now available at and selected showrooms. Find an agent near you,